For many people, the words “data” and “science” on their own will make you zone out. So put them together and all bets are off. But data science is actually a lot more simple than you might think, and has massive implications for your business. Let’s talk about data science and how Specter can help you use it to help kick your business operations into high gear. Data science refers to a number of processes involving usually large amounts of data, and taking it from raw data to a place where you can extract valuable insights from it. First you need to prepare the data for analysis, which involves cleansing, aggregating, and manipulating it in order to do some more advanced data analysis. Once the data is ready, data scientists and data analytic apps can then go over it to identify patterns and glean powerful insights for your business.

Properly collecting, storing, and organizing that data is vital for getting useful insights from it, which is why a well-designed custom database or data mart is an essential tool for streamlining reporting, processes, and workflow for your business.

Web Database Development

We’ve already gone over how important it is for your business to have a well-designed, custom database. But if you don’t have an easy-to-use user interface to access and generate reports from that data, it almost defeats the purpose, and puts you at a big disadvantage. To really streamline internal processes and workflows, you’ll need a database developer to create a great UI for your business database. And surprise, surprise, that’s where we come in. At Specter, our goal is to tailor the database and UI to give you and your clients and/or employees a seamless experience in accessing and managing company data. We’re with you every step of the way, custom-designing a plan to fit your unique business needs. Our team has expertise in a variety of languages, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle SQL, MySQL, and more.

Database Design & Architecture

Your business is growing, and things are looking up. And you need a database design that can get down with that. And by “get down” we mean one that can scale with your business. Companies thrive with a database that can easily adapt to their needs, and allow you to access and make the best use of important data. With a well-designed database, it’s easy to create reports on the fly, without having to talk to IT. And if we know IT, they’re just as happy not to talk to you either. At Specter, we’re experts at creating a custom database that fits the needs of your growing business.

Data Visualization

Seeing is believing, as they say. And when it comes to data, seeing is the first step to making good decisions. That’s why we use modern looks, and sleek sexy UIs, to make your data look good, and make it easy to understand. All that carefully collected data is a bit useless if your company’s execs and decision-makers can’t easily grasp what it means. So get rid of the generic spreadsheets, and let us take your data visualization to the next level. You’ll believe it when you see it.

Business Intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence may sound like buzzwords and/or terms from a new sci-fi thriller, but in reality these are the tools of tomorrow, and powerful tools for keeping your business competitive. Specter can make the process of bringing your business operations into the future easy and pain-free. We help you prepare for tomorrow’s top trends today, as well as work with the best existing tools to give you a better look at your business’ data. Because an intelligent business is a successful business, and we’re here to help you be both.

Database Development

If you don’t have a database yet, all this talk of databases must make you feel pretty left out. Specter can help you kick the FOMO and bring your business up to speed, building you the top-of-the-line database you deserve, and serving in the data science role you know you need.

Data Science Analysis & Review

Today’s internet runs on data. And you can bet tomorrow’s internet will, too. Anyone who’s requested their data file from Google knows how much data is out there on each of us, and many of us are pretty creeped out by it. But it’s not just Google. Most companies and organizations understand the importance of data, and collect a LOT of it. And why do this? Because within that data are powerful insights on consumer behavior, and when you can access and properly understand these insights, your company has a huge competitive advantage in the marketplace.

This is where we come in. The expert team at Specter can help you build complex algorithms to break that data down in a way that anyone in your company can understand (except the office dog, but we’re working on that). We can be the bridge between that valuable and ever-growing stream of data, and the insights from that data that can take your company to new heights. Instead of your data looking like the computer screen on The Matrix, we’ll give you an easy dashboard to peruse while drinking your morning coffee, providing powerful insights to tackle the challenges of the day. Having easy access and strong data visualization is vital in keeping up with current trends in a changing landscape, and when it comes to data, we are the experts.


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