With over 25 years of experience in planning and arranging occasion-specific transportation for both corporate and consumer clients, Pure Luxury takes no shortcuts in its goal of delivering hyper-personalized and hyper-professional service.


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Web Design

The Need

Although at first glance Pure Luxury seemed to have every piece of the company’s puzzle in place, a closer look revealed that a complete overhaul of their website was needed to catapult its online identity.

When they initially contacted us, Pure Luxury’s website was outdated and, frankly, challenged.

Despite the superb levels of transportation and customer service the company was known for, its previous website failed to fully communicate its success.

We knew that it was essential to fix that. As soon as possible.

The Challenge

Pure Luxury’s new site needed to reflect the company’s vow to deliver its customers an unmatched transportation experience from beginning to end.

Hence, the urgent need for a major face lift.

The luxury transportation industry isn’t new. There are countless competitors hungry for the attention, business, and loyalty of consumers who are in the market for such services.

The Solution

This is where the main challenge came in with this project.

Because there are already so many competitors in the industry, Pure Luxury’s new site required a level of design, functionality and innovation that set it apart from others who did the same thing that they did.

Don’t get us wrong — when it comes to providing customers with premium ground travel options (and service), we know that Pure Luxury cannot be outperformed.

But their old website stood in the way of it going from good to great.

We immediately identified the primary objectives for the new site: improve layout, functionality, and appeal.

Then came time to outline the specifics of a design that would be more fitting for communicating the possibilities of Pure Luxury’s products and service.

The Work

Keeping the same momentum that we had in the planning phase, we onlt considered designs that would cater to the needs and expectations of those that would use the site the most: their customers.

Next, we turned our attention to the custom transportation software.

Equipped with the knowledge of how important this feature would be for users of the site, we carefully designed a software that fit the bill, and integrated it into the new design. The beauty of this custom software was that it would allow users to, literally, customize their ideal transportation package, from beginning to end. This included allowing them to:

  • Select the type of vehicle they required for their upcoming occasion
  • Select the number of people who would be in attendance
  • Select their desired location (either from a pre-set group of wineries or by entering their own location)

After integrating the software into the existing design, we moved on to the testing phase. Aside from a few minor fixes, everything operated seamlessly.

Shortly afterwards, we launched the new Pure Luxury site.

We’re pleased to say that the character of the Pure Luxury brand is no longer undermined by an outdated web design.

The team at Pure Luxury was over the moon about their new site, and had nothing but glowing feedback about the project’s process.

We are incredibly proud of the work we delivered on this project—and we think you will be too.

Take a few moments to look through the site we put together for this incredible company.

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