A well-designed custom database or data mart is an extremely powerful tool to streamline reporting, processes, and work flow for your organization.

Web Database Development

A well-designed custom database is an extremely powerful tool for your business. But, if you don’t have an easy to use UI to access and generate reports off that data, your business is at a disadvantage. In order to really streamline internal processes and workflows, you’ll need a database developer to create a UI on top of your business database.

Our goal is to tailor the database and UI to give you and your clients or internal employees a seamless experience to accessing and managing your company data. Our team has expertise in a variety of different languages (like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle SQL, MySQL, and more).

Database Design & Architecture

You need a database design that can scale with your business. Your company will thrive with a database that can easily adapt to the needs of your business, and accessing critical data. The better designed the database, the easier it easy to create reports on the fly, without having to engage with IT.

Data Visualization

If the executives and decision makers at your company can’t have a look at their data and understand what it means, it’s doing no one any good. Today’s users are used to sexy modern UIs, and so generic Excel sheets aren’t always cutting it anymore. Specter helps make your data look good.

Business Intelligence

The tools of tomorrow are machine learning and artificial intelligence data analysis. Specter can help you prepare for this and work with existing tools to give a much more intelligent look at your business’ data.

Database Development

If you don’t have a database, no problem. Specter can build you the top of the line database and take over the data science role your company needs.

Data Science Analysis & Review

The organization of today (and especially the organization of tomorrow) collects extensive amounts of data. There are often key insights hidden within that data that, when accessed, gives your company a cutting edge in this ever-growing competitive landscape.

The team at Specter can help build complex algorithms and break that down in a way that anyone in your organization can understand. This key difference helps you analyze and access data in a simple and easy to digest fashion. Often, in the form of morning dashboards you can look at while enjoying your cup of coffee.


Specter [becomes] part of your vision and think of problems that you may not think of.

Words cannot explain how amazing Specter is (I could write pages and pages of great things to say). The concise version: Without their team, my company would not be where it is today.

Kat Wong
Athos Insurance

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