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Ready to take your business tech to the next level? Need to compete in an increasingly complex technical landscape? Specter is the unicorn that can actually do it all.

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Custom Software Development

Full Stack Web Development

Your vision, realized

Specter’s cutting-edge technology and human interface design give your business a leg up in today’s market. Let Specter help you develop a unique presence on the internet — one that captures your company’s personality and expertise.


Make your
tech do more

At Specter, we design and develop innovative web solutions that are personalized to your needs. Our team of experts can help you enrich user experience, maximize your online presence, and improve conversions. Specter is more than an agency – we’re a group of passionate designers and developers who constantly strive to provide effective strategies for businesses of any size.


user-friendly design

Specter helps companies like yours harness the power of mobile applications. Through our custom design and development strategies, we create solutions that help you maintain your competitive edge. Specter can design and develop mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices that meet your specific business needs. Our team is committed to creating mobile solutions with designs that are both user-friendly and responsive.

& Design

Stay ahead
of the curve

We develop secure and scalable cloud-based solutions so your business can thrive online. You can trust that our Project Captains will work with you every step of the way, translating technical jargon into plain English so you understand each project. Our team works closely to ensure your custom cloud solution is built right the first time.

Concise Software Development Process

Specter’s development process is very concise and breaks big projects down into manageable pieces. I highly recommend their top-notch team.

Peter Konrad, IFC

CEO & Founder Athos Insurance

Hundreds of software builds later, we've learned a thing or two. Now we're ready to put that know-how to work for you.

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