Insurance Software Built for the Modern Era

Maintain your competitive edge by developing custom software solutions to prepare your insurance business for the digital transformation.

Kat Wong

Founder of Athos Insurance

Words cannot explain how amazing Specter is (I could write pages and pages of great things to say). The concise version: Without their team, my company would not be where it is today.

Your Tech Partner for the Digital Age

Specter is your insurance industry technology partner. With our industry specific expertise, we transform the business of insurance by developing custom software solutions that help our clients achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

Our team builds custom insurance software with beautifully designed and easy-to-use applications to help you stay ahead of the curve — and keep your operation running smoothly. If you’re ready to innovate and implement emerging technologies, get in touch with us and learn how our custom software development can supercharge your business.

An Insurance MGA’s Secret To 73% in Revenue Growth (Hint: It’s Us)

Athos Insurance is leading the charge on modernizing the insurance industry with digital insurance policies spanning equipment rental insurance, wedding insurance and sports insurance policies. With hundreds of five star reviews (and a little help from Specter), Athos has built a loyal following of customers that appreciate their brand of detailed customer service and user centric technology. 

why Specter?

Specter’s approach combines the latest in insurance technology with a personalized strategy crafted with your business in mind.

Stay ahead of the competition by anticipating and neutralizing new threats, customer disruption, and market erosion with custom-made insurance software solutions that are built to scale as your business grows and changes. We have helped dozens of businesses like yours develop advanced technology tools to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability, and we are ready to do the same for you.

Specter is the full-stack software development agency providing solutions for claims management, policy management, insurance agency management, and everything else your business needs to grow. We help future proof your business so you’re ready for anything. 

Ready to revamp your tech stack? Want to update your software but not sure what you need? Tell us about your project and our expert software developers will help you find a custom solution that gets the job done.

Ready to get started but need pricing details?

We’ve put together a downloadable pricing guide with estimates for each of our product offerings. Simplify your search for a technical partner with pricing estimates for everything from our fixed-price starter engagements to more complex custom projects.