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The Challenge

Without a technical partner willing to work hand in hand with her, Kat Wong struggled for years to fulfill Athos’ mission of building an easy-to-purchase digital entertainment insurance solution. That is until she met Specter.

Dozens of software development companies charged outrageous consultation fees just to tell her that her designs and desires were too advanced or too abnormal for the insurance industry. Even when she found someone willing to try to bring her vision to life, they would often go missing in action for weeks at a time.  

As one of the few women of color in an MGA leadership position, Wong also dealt with sexism from arrogant software development consultants who did not respect her leadership. Many software development consultants would waste her time on long phone calls, rambling through pages of technical jargon that disregarded her unique business needs. 

Kat needed a technical partner that was not only willing to hear her ideas, but that also used relevant industry knowledge to enhance them. Our  years of experience across the insurance industry made us the perfect fit.

The Process

Specter’s process involves onboarding our Project Captain as a member of the client’s team to ensure that our team of experts thoroughly understands all of the business’ needs. Keeping in mind their negative experiences with other software development agencies, Kat Wong was understandably skeptical of Specter’s process.  

By the end of her first call with Specter, she was sold. A team of knowledgeable developers that actually listened to what she had to say without dismissing her complex business needs was a dream come true. 

The Solution

As Specter’s first step on this project, we wanted to reign the 150 bugs & exceptions per day that were interrupting the buyer’s journey and affecting revenue. Unlike many software development agencies who cut corners to maximize profit, Specter took the extra step of reading through years of application logs to identify, neutralize and protect against exceptions in Athos’ software. This exercise enabled us to greatly improve error handling & decrease exceptions by over 90% 

Next, Specter began the process of modernizing Athos’ user flow to finally realize Kat Wong’s vision of a user-friendly insurance software. We built an intuitive and frictionless software that allows thousands of insurance buyers to buy entertainment insurance policies entirely online. 

Specter also revamped Athos’ backend database which enabled Athos to make business decisions based on user actions. Specter built a custom policy management system and a custom agency management system that brought Athos into the digital transformation. 

Lastly, Specter took over digital marketing for the company. By improving SEO with high quality backlinks, optimized copy and a robust content strategy, Athos improved their domain authority and gained over 100 keywords with top 10 rankings. In addition to organic marketing, Specter also built out a paid advertising strategy that brought Athos’ cost per conversion from over a hundred dollars to just under $15 per application. Thats a drop of over 87%.

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