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Cristopher R.

I’ve known and worked with Specter since 2012, and I can say with confidence that they are one of the most talented and trustworthy development firms in California.

Look far and wide, we bet you’ll never find another agency that can successfully manage everything from Digital Marketing to IT Consulting to Software Development and still have a sense of humor! Tech doesn’t have to be scary, which is why our Project Captain framework focuses on bringing a human approach to technology consulting.

When we say we do it all, we really mean it! Our team consists of engineers with decades of experience and marketers who have helped build unicorn startups. We’ve gathered the best of the best and given them all the resources they need to make your tech do more.

Your business needs tech to thrive. So why do other agencies make it so hard to understand? With Specter you’ll never have to sit through another call full of text-heavy slide decks and technical jargon. Our Project Captains are expert translators, thriving in the space between technology and everyday business leaders like you.

Not to be cheesy but if we’re being honest, our secret sauce is people. People run on technology, so the best tech is people-focused and user-friendly. Stop wasting time with machines disguised as consultants and start working with the only team that really can do it all.

In most cases, our answer will be to help you modernize. However, there are times when it needs to be rebuilt from the ground up:

  • You do not have access to the original source code or your don’t have the ability to redevelop software.
  • Your existing system is past its sell-by-date and is no longer supported by the major vendor (like Silverlight for Microsoft)
  • The old architecture won’t support a migration to a new cloud based experience
  • It’s cheaper to build it from the ground up than to redo what you currently have

We begin our projects with a kickoff, which can be conducted in person (COVID-19 notwithstanding) or via video conference. We can usually start a new project within two weeks of your go-ahead, sometimes faster if desired.

We spend time upfront using our proprietary Blueprint system to make sure your software or app project doesn’t go over budget. You will get a checklist of all the features and timeline based on those features.

The only reason your project would go over budget is if something was added to that set of features after-the-fact. The detailed product roadmap will be all encompassing, but if you change your mind the scope changes.