Specter uses sensible, software driven approaches to digital marketing. Your goal is to rank #1 in Google and have a beautiful online footprint that is easy to find by your customers. Our goal is to get you there.

Web Design

Breath taking websites, done quickly, working on all devices. What more could you ask for? A website is the cornerstone of any digital marketing campaign. Our simple approach to website design means you will be converting leads in no time with a brand-new website.


The goal is simple, get you on the first page of Google. No extra fluff, confusing power points or boring reports to sift through. Data-driven means you have access to your data, and you get real results.

Social Media

Expand your reach and engage with consumers where they are, on social networks. From social media posting to advertising, Specter can help grow your brand on social networks.

Online Advertising

Your ads should stand out in the sea of competition online. Your business is unique, and our online advertising team helps that shine through. From the ad copy to media to audience, you can trust having advertisements that rank well and perform.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is nothing knew. John Deere successfully orchestrated an extremely influential content marketing campaign through magazines years before the internet was around. The story of your brand is sold through content, and so is your unique selling proposition. Specter can help you develop a consistent content marketing campaign.

Process Management

The real secret sauce for Specter is our state-of-the-art process management system. This system has been utilized in small businesses all the way up to Fortune 100 global insurance companies. The system revolutionizes how projects are done.


Quick Questionnaire

All of our projects start with a brief questionnaire. You give us a few basic details about your business.


Research & Strategy

We take your questionnaire and get you a full strategy and proposal for your project.


Execution & Results

Once the plan is set, the execution begins. Sit back and watch your business grow online.

A Digital Marketing Agency

Specter is a full-service digital marketing agency. We provide a variety of services for clients in the service and tech based industries (consultants, e-learning, e-commerce, insurance, and finance).


A lot of the digital marketing agencies make things confusing, and that is where you can find something different. At Specter, we provide you a software and data-driven approach to get more results with your search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) ads, copywriting, and more. We offer expert web design and custom development services to bring cutting edge technology to your business.

More Eyeballs and More Customers through Digital Marketing

The goal of any digital marketing campaign is simple, generating new business. A lot of digital marketing campaigns get lost in the weeds chasing shiny objects. Specter provides a data-driven and software-driven approach to digital marketing. It means the custom tools you have are not only state of the art, but focus on getting the job done.


Specter partners with you in your client success. We read the books on your industry, talk to your customers, and get to know who you are. Your experienced team and your organization needs someone who will join them and act as an asset, turning web traffic into real leads.


A true renaissance man in the area of web marketing and SEO.


Indispensable is one of the many words that come to mind when I describe the services Specter brings to me. I've been with them for three years and I can say without hesitation that they have made such a huge difference for me and my script consulting business. Knowledgeable, easy to talk to, responsible, supportive, diligent, extremely trustworthy. A true renaissance man in the area of web marketing and SEO

Wayne Mclean
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