Local Spicery is a spice milling business owned and operated by California natives and husband and wife team Nicholas Davoren and Evelyn Wood.

Local Spicery offers a wide array of all-natural, made-to-order gourmet spices and seasoning blends that are milled, blended, packaged, and sold at the peak of freshness.



Ecommerce Website


Ecommerce Website

For the past few years, Local Spicery has been delivering on the needs and desires of spice-enthusiasts across the country with a basic website design—and honestly, that was working. Recently though, the team at Local Spicery came to realize the value in embracing a new era of innovation—one that would take its products, service, and website to the next level.

To reach its goal, Local Spicery completely remodeled their long-running brick-and-mortar location in Tiburon, California and built an all-new showroom and milling facility in Marysville, California. But, the renovations didn’t stop there…

To keep up with the influx of business that was sure to come with Local Spicery’s expansion to a second location, their team contacted Ballistic with a need for a customized eCommerce website. They wanted a site that reflected the savviness and sophistication of their physical stores— and that’s precisely what we gave them.

A nod to the past and the future.

When Local Spicery partnered with us, they knew exactly the type of design that they were after: an eCommerce website with illustrations and typography inspired by the Victorian era. Happily accepting the challenge, we made it our mission to seamlessly blend the past into the present.

On the other end of the spectrum, we built in a mix of future-proof, forward-thinking elements into Local Spicery’s new and improved eCommerce design. These were designed to overcome the geographical, functional, and informational limitations faced by its previous site. We successfully delivered an eCommerce solution that boasts automated browsing, selection, and checkout processes, categorized product offerings, improved on-site search, and mobile-friendly design.

Commitment + Convenience

At the core of Local Spicery’s experience is the ability to browse and blend spices as one pleases. Pairing the company’s commitment to providing a quality product with its need to make the website as convenient as possible for each customer, we were able to create an online experience that is as enjoyable as the spices themselves.

Ballistic’s eCommerce solution for Local Spicery included:

  • A customized WordPress theme that portrays the passion and purpose behind the Local Spicery brand, its team, and its products
  • A Victorian-inspired design with custom fonts, color palettes, icon sets, and background design
  • WooCommerce integration that delivers complete eCommerce capabilities
  • A custom-built product library that allows website visitors to easily browse all spices and seasonings
  • Square payment gateway integration that makes for a simple, smooth, and seamless payment experience
  • MailChimp newsletter integration for creating and maintaining website subscription lists
  • A custom admin dashboard that makes adding and updating new and existing products a breeze for the Local Spicery team

End Results

Local Spicery’s superior knowledge of and passion for producing high-quality spice products is highlighted by their new website design. We recognized the importance of not only showcasing the company’s products, but the commitment and quality of the team, processes, and ingredients that go into making these unique spice products a reality. The team loves the new eCommerce design and is confident in the results that their improved online presence will yield.

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