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The Project Captain :

Revolutionary Project Management

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Baseball managers coined the term to talk about a team player that fuses a team together. It’s the “glue” that supposedly prevents teams from splintering into cliques or being torn apart by runaway egos. When individual players set out to devote themselves to unifying the team, baseball managers call them “glue guys.”

At the end of the day, this is the Project Captain. It’s the employee who unifies a broken set of teams or employees to get them rowing in the same direction. The Project Captain gets the company to organize around changes in their ecosystem (from the buying process all the way to the project management part) to unify a team around better processes, communication, and standard operating procedures.

Project Management For Any Situation

The Project Captain Recognizes That Every Organization Looks, Behaves, And Performs Differently, With Different Cultures.

The Project Captain immerses themselves into your company culture and becomes a champion for your project and cause. Going above what you expect from a project manager, the Project Captain gets the job done. The Project Captain is the new type of project manager that blends sports philosophy with neuroscience and process management.

The Project Captain uses technology to dive deeper into a company’s processes (including their sales and onboarding processes) to create automatic solutions. The Project Captain works to automate and streamline the sales process using cutting-edge technology. Companies like Uber, Carvana or the insurance company Lemonade have been very successful leveraging technology this way and the end result is a better user experience.

The Project Captain uses process management. The project captain creates assembly line processes for all operations within your organization. The Project Captain identifies where the bottlenecks are and makes suggestions on how to correct these issues to keep the assembly line processes moving. Your company will utilize your current resources to the max to get more done, faster.

The Project Captain uses neuroscience to better communicate with stakeholders, team members, and customers. The Project Captain utilizes different methods of personality tests, learning patterns, and communication to better work with the growing ecosystem of unique individuals that work on modern projects.

Project Scoping

All projects start with a detailed blueprint and project scope, ensuring nothing is left behind.

Visual Project Management

Know where projects are at a glance. Combining Kanban and software, projects are updated in real-time.

Practical Communication

Projects fail every day because of lack of communication. The Project Captain changes that.


Standard Operating Procedures

The Project Captain will develop easy to use cheat sheets and standard operating procedures.

WIP Control

Resource management is key, and keeping all resources fully engaged is a cornerstone of the Project Captain.

Better Meetings

Don’t waste time in meetings again. The Project Captain comes with a refined meeting process.


Quick Questionnaire

All of our projects start with a brief questionnaire. You give us a few basic details about your business.


Research & Strategy

We take your questionnaire and get you a full strategy and proposal for your project.


Execution & Results

Once the plan is set, the execution begins. Sit back and watch your business grow online.

Why Project Captain?

Today the Pittsburgh Steelers are tied with the New England Patriots with more Super Bowl wins than any other team in NFL history. Their legacy and dynasty, famous in the NFL. In 1974, they were… well not. In 1974 the Steelers were considered one of (if not the) most downtrodden teams in the NFL. ​

Prior to their AFC Championship game against the Oakland Raiders, a group of rookies went to the locker room and casually asked their equipment manager, Tony Parisi, for some spare boxes. The rookies were planning ahead. They’d need the boxes to pack up their belongings once the Steeler’s lost to the Raiders. They would return to Pittsburgh, quickly box up their personal items, and drive home for the off-season.

Suddenly, the rookies heard a familiar voice…

“What do you want the boxes for?”

There stood “Mean” Joe Greene. At 6’ 4’’ and 274 pounds, he already was a mammoth of a man. His personality and convictions made him larger than life. ​Greene didn’t appreciate the lack of confidence their request for boxes suggested. To him, it seemed as if they already had expected to lose the big game to Oakland. ​

None of the Rookies answered his question. They couldn’t. His value to the Steelers was as great in the locker room as it was to the field.

Facing the rookies, Greene didn’t yield. He asked once more, ​

“What do you want the boxes for?​

The rookies, like the rest of the team, admired Greene. He personified the 7 traits of the Captain mentioned earlier. He brought a set of wisdom, insight, and tenacity to the team. He gave it his all and expected the same from his teammates. Teammates did not challenge or defy him, least of all the rookies. His leadership was unquestioned.​

Standing there, with suddenly no need for a spare box, one of the rookies thought, Maybe we need to look at this a little differently. ​

The job of the Project Captain is to be the type of team captain that wins championships. Today’s project managers are often order takers and professional email forwarders. They are pencil pushers and perpetuate a status quo of project management.

Your job is to be that type of Captain. Not to be an order taker, professional email forwarder, pencil pusher, or the status quo of project management. You, the Project Captain, are here to revolutionize how knowledge work is done, getting projects completed on-time, on budget, and without the stress and hassle most organizations see in their day-to-day.

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