Specter is a cutting-edge web design company and web development agency focused on providing seamless, codeless websites that maximize your business’ potential. This means we don’t force you to use a lot of complicated code or wait for a programmer to make simple changes to your website. We are experts in SEO and getting your website in front of the eyes of those most likely to need yours services.

The Importance of Well-Designed Website

Since you are currently looking at a website, you probably understand why a good website is important. But let’s go over it just in case. A website is likely a customer’s first encounter with your business online. If they click an ad or follow you from social media, your company website is one of the first places they’ll arrive. A website allows you to control the impression you make and to maintain a professional, well-thought-out presence online. New customers can learn about your business and be converted to customers, and existing customers can access important information. In an increasingly digital and connected world, you can’t afford not to have an attractive, well-designed website.


Quick Questionnaire

All of our projects start with a brief questionnaire. You give us a few basic details about your business.


Research & Strategy

We take your questionnaire and get you a full strategy and proposal for your project.


Execution & Results

Once the plan is set, the execution begins. Sit back and watch your business grow online.

Responsive Web Design

Customers often ask if their website will work on mobile. Of course it will! Not only that, your beautiful new website will work on tablets, large monitors, TVs, and any other screen your customers view it on. Feel like projecting onto a waterfall Disneyland-style? Go for it! But in all seriousness, we’re well aware that more and more mobile devices are visiting websites every year. Our web design team has been working on websites since the early 2000s, and have successfully evolved through many trend-changes. If, in a few years everyone’s visiting websites through a microchip in their eyeballs, yours will look great there too.

With specter, you can expect a cutting-edge, and mobile-optimized website that will blow your competition out of the water, every single time. Your site will be optimized with a stunning, codeless design that works on any device it’s visited on, today, tomorrow, and the next day.

Do You Really Need A Website For Your Business?

The short answer is, “Are you crazy?? It’s 2022, of course you do!” But a lot of small-to-medium sized businesses think they can rely on Facebook or Yelp as their online business page. With so many customers looking for restaurants and services on these platforms, having your own business website seems like a waste of money.

Unfortunately, this mindset has cost businesses dearly over the years, and continues to do so. These platforms are constantly changing their algorithms, and often for reasons that don’t seem to make sense and that we have no control over. And when they do, businesses can lose momentum overnight. Many factors affect which businesses show up on Facebook and Yelp, and you have control over almost none of them. The only way to truly protect your brand and keep your customers up-to-date is to have your own standalone, self-hosted website.

What if Facebook or Yelp suddenly decided they didn’t like a business, or even worse, if your page disappeared suddenly? Are you confident you’d be able to get it back right away? How would you reach your customers? These platforms are set up to serve their own interests, and have little to no accountability to businesses who rely on them to reach customers. It’s best to avoid being one of them.

Just think- you wouldn’t make major structural improvements to a home you’re renting, so why would you host your company’s entire presence on rented online space? If you still think you have any real control over your Facebook page, watch any recent congressional interviews of Mark Zuckerberg!

Whatever your business does, having a website is a vital link from your real-life business to the digital world, and it’s one you have complete control over. Make sure you’re ready for whatever changes Facebook and Yelp make to their algorithms by not relying on them. Don’t risk losing contact with those most important to your success– your customers.


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Indispensable is one of the many words that come to mind when I describe the services Specter brings to me. I've been with them for three years and I can say without hesitation that they have made such a huge difference for me and my script consulting business. Knowledgeable, easy to talk to, responsible, supportive, diligent, extremely trustworthy. A true renaissance man in the area of web marketing and SEO

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