Unveiling Specter’s collaborative journey with Flux Insurance Services to transform cannabis insurance, boost operational efficiency and compliance, and set new standards in customer experience.

Flux Insurance Services, a California-based wholesale brokerage and MGA dedicated to the cannabis and hemp industry, faced the monumental task of modernizing its operations to meet the evolving needs of its clientele. Recognizing the pivotal role technology played in achieving this goal, Flux sought a strategic partnership with Specter, a renowned technology solutions provider, to spearhead this transformation. Here’s how Specter’s innovative solutions transformed Flux’s operations and reshaped the insurance industry.


Software Development, Process Enhancement



Key Achievements

Rate+Quote+Bind Portal created to streamline compliance and efficiency

Why Specter

While other options fell short, Flux entrusted their vision to Specter for one simple reason – unparalleled expertise. Specter didn’t just meet expectations; they exceeded them, delivering a bespoke solution tailored to Flux’s unique needs. Specter’s expertise in custom development and platform integration, as well as team with multi-state licensed insurance agents, proved instrumental in realizing the over vision.

The Challenge

Modernizing an Age-Old Industry

As a wholesale marketplace catering to the cannabis sector, Flux faced unique challenges that conventional technology solutions couldn’t address. They needed a partner who could provide tailored software solutions to streamline their operations and enhance customer experience while adhering to regulatory requirements in a very limited market.

The Specter Solution

Tailored Solutions for Success

Specter understood Flux’s distinct needs and crafted a bespoke strategy to modernize their operations and empower them to achieve their business objectives. Here’s how Specter’s collaboration with Flux unfolded:

  • Specter developed a comprehensive prefilling software that automated the completion of various documents, eliminating manual tasks and saving valuable time for Flux’s team.
  • Recognizing Flux’s evolving requirements, Specter implemented agile development methodologies, allowing for continuous adjustments and enhancements to the software to meet Flux’s dynamic needs seamlessly.
  • Creation of a comprehensive portal that enabled Flux to rate, quote, and bind insurance policies seamlessly within a single platform.


    • This all-in-one solution not only streamlined the entire insurance procurement process but also empowered Flux to offer unparalleled convenience and efficiency to its clients. 
    • Through the portal, Flux could assign policies to specific underwriters, track proposal, quote, and policy statuses in real-time, and swiftly address any inquiries or issues that arose, enhancing transparency and communication throughout the insurance lifecycle.
  • Specter’s custom-built portal facilitated direct and custom referrals, allowing Flux to expand its client base and strengthen its network of partners. 

    • This feature empowered existing clients to refer new business effortlessly, while also enabling Flux to tailor its services to meet the unique needs of each referral, fostering stronger relationships and driving business growth.

The Impact

By automating and eliminating many manual processes, as well as customizing the portal for easy viewing and use capabilities, Flux has been able to focus on the most important part of their business: the clients. By leveraging Specter’s innovative technology solutions, Flux was not only able to meet the demands of the modern cannabis insurance market but also set new industry standards for efficiency, transparency, and customer satisfaction. Specter’s collaborative approach and tailored solutions not only reshaped Flux’s operations but also positioned the company as a trailblazer in the cannabis insurance sector, driving innovation and inspiring change across the industry landscape.

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