Today’s business relies on technology. There are few things that we do without the assistance of software or smart devices, and the same goes for businesses worldwide. To keep up with the ever-changing world of technology, your business needs professional technology consulting.

A technology specialist provides unique, objective, and specialized approach to leveraging technology for businesses. This is usually combination of custom software and leveraging cutting edge off-the-shelf technology to work within your organization.

Why Technology Consulting

Technology is a critical component of business success. Unfortunately, too many businesses make their technology decisions in a silo. You might find your business focuses on solving different problems for different departments, without a wholistic review of how all of those departments communicate and work together.

Technology consultants help businesses like yours accelerate growth, cut costs, mitigate risk, develop talent, develop software, and create technology stacks that your business can use to scale in the future. One of Specter’s clients saw a doubling in annual revenue over 4 years and sold for well over 100 million dollars. The investor’s primary interest was the customized and robust technology stack.

Cloud Migration

Keep up with today’s fast-paced technology and receive the scalability of the cloud.

Software Evaluation

Need a new business software, and don’t have a CTO? Specter can fill that role.

Software Development

Our expertise in software design includes SDLC processes like SCRUM, Waterfall, and more.


Digital Marketing

Data driven marketing with results your business needs. Specter’s focus is your #1 Google ranking.

Salesforce Consulting

Make Salesforce work for your business without the normal exorbitant consulting fees.

Database Administration

From MSSQL, to MySql, SQL Server, and Microsoft Azure, our database experts have you covered.


Quick Questionnaire

All of our projects start with a brief questionnaire. You give us a few basic details about your business.


Research & Strategy

We take your questionnaire and get you a full strategy and proposal for your project.


Execution & Results

Once the plan is set, the execution begins. Sit back and watch your business grow online.

Why Use Specter As Your Digital Advertising Partner

Almost 15 years ago now, when our competitors were telling their clients not to waste time on the internet, our founders were building Google Pay-Per-Click campaigns. One of the first campaigns we did landed two multi-million dollar contracts for a local processing company. Of course we’re not psychic, but we know how to spot trends. Even all these years later, this cutting edge and outside-the-box approach to digital advertising is what sets Specter apart. Our company may have grown, our methods may have changed, and our technology has certainly evolved with the times, but fundamentally, we’re still that same agency. We are always at the forefront of new technologies, trying to stay one step ahead of our competition in order to keep you two steps ahead of yours.

You need a company that will create easy-to-use digital ads, and ones that actually work. Sometimes you’ll find an “expert” who seems really smart. Let’s call him Ted (apologies to the real Teds). Ted shows you some impressive spreadsheets, and all the analytics and data he did. He worked hard. It looks really impressive! Except when you actually do a search for one of your keywords—your ads don’t show up! What happened, Ted??

Specter is the anti-Ted (again, we know there are many wonderful Teds out there, we’re not talking about you.) At Specter, we keep it simple and stay focused on the foundation, which is getting your business more eyeballs, and specifically the right ones. We won’t bog you down with fancy and exciting-looking presentations– we stay focused on our job, and let you do yours. We keep it streamlined and stick to what works, what gets you eyeballs. Paid advertising means you’re spending money to get those eyeballs, and our state-of-the-art software driven approach means you have the peace of mind of just watching the applications or sales come in. Our proprietary technology does the heavy lifting for you, and takes the guesswork out of the process. No spreadsheets, no analytics. Just leads.

Your ads will be expertly crafted to stand out against your competitors. Our keyword research informs our strategy, and we use platforms like Google to target people who are searching for those keywords. Your paid ads show up at the top of those results; they’ll be in the right place, at the right time, when it matters most, and when we make them, they’ll be irresistible. On Facebook, you can expect clever advertisements that get people’s attention when they’re scrolling through their newsfeed. Ads that make people wanna stop scrolling and learn more. And they’ll be expertly targeted specifically at those most likely to be interested in what you’re offering. We make ads that stand out, get clicked, and get you business.


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