Specter has multiple phone solutions to fill any need. From on premise to cloud solutions, brands like Vonage, AllWorx, 8×8, and more are available at our fingertips. Take the hassle out of finding, planning, and installing a new VOIP system and let Specter handle the heavy lifting for you. 

Technical Surveys

Before settling on a new phone system, it’s crucial you have a technical survey done to find out what you really need. This assessment happens prior to any installations, and uncovers specific issues or hardware needs you might not be aware of. It prepares you for the phone rollout project and the change in phone management systems. 

If your company has fewer than one hundred employees, most VOIP providers are not equipped to handle these types of surveys. Their resources are spent on medium sized and larger companies, and you will often find yourself falling through the cracks. With Specter, you’ll have someone on your side to make sure your needs are met and the installation is as painless as possible. 

Nothing beats having an expert on your side to get your new phone system installed. Specter has installed phone systems for companies as small as 4 employees all the way to medium sized hospitals in Canada with hundreds of employees, doctors, nurses, and patients. If you want reliability, affordability, and an expert in your corner, you’ve come to the right place.  

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