It’s no secret that technology advancements and ease of use are the lifeline of the modern company. Companies like Uber or Carvana have come in and completely changed how industries operate. Netflix put an entire industry of video stores out of business. No matter what industry you’re in, there is a significant chance that technological advances will completely change, or downright destroy, the status quo of today.

Fear not, this isn’t a warning article talking about a dystopian future where machines put us all out of work. That only a select few programmers and business giants control everything. In reality, technology isn’t likely to go down that route. Rather, like today, there will be few things we do without the assistance of software or smart devices. You have used technology to interact with a brand recently.

Technology consultants have many names. IT consultants, software consultants, business and technology advisors, and more. At Specter, we think of the technology consulting services we provide as more of a “CTO for hire” experience. While it may be more important than ever for businesses to get more technology, it’s also more expensive than it ever has been. 61% of technologists (people in the tech industry) received a salary increase last year.

Not only that, there seems to be a widget or an app for everything these days.  How do you know which ones will work for your business. Can you just hire a programmer for $152,000 a year and be fine?

Why Technology Consulting

As technology is more critical, you need someone who can come in and give you a realistic checkup of what your business needs. Maybe it’s moving to the cloud. Maybe you need a new piece of custom software. A good technology consultant will come in and give you a roadmap on how you can accelerate growth, cut costs, mitigate cyber risks, attract and develop talent, and streamlining important processes.

In today’s rapidly evolving environment, this trusted advisor gives you the vision you not. They not only provide reliable insights, they combine a strategic vision with the expertise your company needs to enhance and value the business. The right technological changes can literally double or triple the value of your company. In a time of ever-evolving digital transformation, a technology consultant will help your business in ways that you never thought possible, from reducing costs to increasing revenue.

The Approach to Technology Consulting

A typical technology consulting engagement includes:

  • Someone with established partnerships with the world’s leading tech companies
  • The ability to create processes that start with the business problem, and give you a sensible solution
  • A focus on a risk-based model, or addressing what matters when it matters
  • A phased approach to work within a budget
  • Strong expertise with the design and development of scalable platforms
  • Provent expertise in being able to “turn around” a company’s technology, or growing a company’s technology
  • Modern process based solutions and software to optimize collaboration with your teams


Did you know that Specter has been selected among the Top IT Services Companies in California by DesignRush? 

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