Specter specializes in software-driven search engine optimization. Basically, a lot of fancy words that just mean: Your website needs to be on the first page of Google, and it’s our job to get it there. That’s it, that’s the whole thing. If someone is searching Google for your relative keywords and key phrases, we want your site showing up on the first page of their results. Everything we do is centered on that goal, cutting out all the noise you get from most SEO firms. We keep our approach super simple and stay focused on what works.

Keyword Research

Like the title suggests, keyword research is where we research keywords. Now, why would we do something like that? Well, they’re not just any key words. We’re researching the main words and phrases that people type into Google search when looking for a product or service like yours. What are your potential customers typing into search, and how do we make sure they find your site when they do? That’s where keyword research comes in. It’s finding out what those main search terms are, and including them strategically in the words on your website, seamlessly, so that when people type those words, they find you. Again, all part of our mission of (say it with me) getting you to the top of Google results!

Link Building

Another tool in our little SEO toolbelt is link-building. One way that search engines decide which websites are worth ranking higher in their search results is the number of links that lead to that site from other sites. We’ll spare you the details of how this works, and just say that it’s important, and as part of the process of getting you to the top page of Google results. If you’ve been paying attention even a little bit, you know by now that this is our one, singular focus. Link building is another way that we get you there.

Content Writing

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. We write content for your website. But not just any content. Remember the keyword research we talked about a minute ago? Well, now is when those words come in handy. We’re going to take the words and phrases that your potential customers are searching for online, and incorporate them organically into content on your website. This is a major way that search engine algorithms decide which sites rank high-up in their search results, the words that are commonly used in the content on that site. However, you obviously can’t just awkwardly repeat those words over and over, like Bart Simpson repeating phrases on a chalkboard. So, instead we create content that is interesting and engaging for visitors to your site, and also has keywords and phrases embedded within it, to enhance your SEO.

On Page SEO

This is another aspect that we focus on. Basically, on-page SEO includes optimizing things like URLs, by using real words in them and arranging the URLs in certain ways that search engines pick up on when deciding which websites to advantage. It involves meta tags like page titles and meta descriptions. It includes structured data, or schema, and the way it’s arranged can affect SEO. Again, these are all very technical elements that we don’t care to bore you with, but just know that we are paying attention to it so you don’t have to.

Local SEO

While the internet is global, many businesses are not. And even if yours is, it can still benefit from Local SEO. Local SEO means optimizing your website to rank higher in searches focused on a geographical area. If you have a dog-grooming business in Cleveland, it’s more important to attract customers that are searching in Cleveland. Local SEO optimizes your site to show up in search results of people that are searching for the products and services you offer, in the area you offer them. If your business if fully web-based, you can still benefit from Local SEO optimization from customers who may be more comfortable working with a business that is in their city or state.

Technical SEO

Similar to on-page SEO but not quite the same, Technical SEO is all about setting up the infrastructure of the website to rank higher in search results. Google analyzes all kinds of data now when determining which sites to rank higher, and technical SEO generally refers to things that you can’t necessarily see with the naked eye when viewing a website, but that search engines can see and comb through. For example, speed. Search engines will rank slower sites lower than faster ones. Luckily, we have ways of speeding up your web site, as we have ways of improving almost all aspects of your SEO.

eCommerce SEO

If your business includes an online store, eCommerce SEO is how we get that store more visible on the Google search results for people looking for that product. We’re already optimizing your website for search engine domination, but ecommerce SEO just means we are specifically trying to raise the profile of your online store, as well. We do this by optimizing headlines, product descriptions, meta data, internal link structure, and navigational structure so it ranks higher on search results.

Amazon Marketing

For businesses that sell products on Amazon, it’s important that you get top ranking in search results for people searching for your product on Amazon, as well as searching it on Google. Luckily our proprietary SEO system has solutions for both!

Franchise SEO

A lot of franchises with multiple locations have trouble with Google rankings, or they’ll get outranked by local businesses. Franchise SEO is the process of getting you back up where you belong, on the first page of Google search results. Our strategies differ based on whether you’re advertising a single franchise location, or the overall franchise brand with multiple individual locations.


Quick Questionnaire

All of our projects start with a brief questionnaire. Not an interrogation, don’t worry. Just a few basic details about your business to get us going.


Research & Strategy

We take your questionnaire results and come back to you with a full strategy and proposal for your project.


Execution & Results

Now for the fun part. Once the plan is set, we put it into action. You get to sit back and watch your business grow online.

Why is SEO Important for Your Business?

SEO is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies at the moment, but it’s far from just a passing trend. SEO is an essential way to get noticed online by customers searching for relevant things online. It’s like the name suggests– Search Engine Optimization– you’re optimizing your place in search engines. If you’re a squirrel-trainer in Denver, and someone searches Google “How to get my pet squirrel to do what it’s told,” you want that person to find your website right away. So you will optimize your website so you land on the first page of their Google results, so you can beat out your rival Denver squirrel-trainers. Tough competition out there. And believe it or not, it’s not just squirrel trainers. Any type of business can benefit from ranking on the first page of Google and other search engines. This is where most people go to discover what they’re looking for on the internet.

You can make your website beautiful and perfect, but if people aren’t finding it, and particularly people that are looking for what you’re selling, it’s not going to help. And if getting your website to the top of the search results page seems overwhelming or mysterious, it’s not. None of this is random. There is a formula that Google and other search engines use to decide which websites show up on the first page, and it’s our job, and our entire focus, to understand that formula, and use it to your advantage. This is what we do, we’re very good at it, and we look forward to helping your business grow.

SEO Services That

Get Results

It’s very simple– you want your website on the first page of Google, and that’s what we do. You need an expert who understands the mechanics of how Google search works, and how to optimize your website to get you to the top, and that’s us. A lot of SEO companies make you sit through boring presentations with confusing screenshots, graphs, and technical details that you don’t care about. We won’t waste your time with these things, mostly because we also hate them. But also, we’re too busy getting you to the top of Google. What we care about are results. You want to be the top result when people search for keywords related to your brand. The ultimate measure of SEO is how well your pages rank, and how many of those who click on your pages end up becoming leads or customers. It’s very measurable, so we can confidently say that our approach is effective. As rapper Nelly once said, “What does it take to be number one?” He had no idea that his words would one day be used on a digital marketing agency’s website, but here we are. And Specter knows what it takes to be number one, or at least get you there. (Though, if you want to be #1 in rap, you’ll want to talk to a different kind of agency.)

These days, SEO is more than just checking boxes and keeping up with Google Analytics reports. Our unique, cutting-edge system helps businesses climb the ranks of Google search, so you don’t have to think about it. Let’s look at a real-life example from a real-life client, Horizon Charter Schools. A few years before the pandemic, Horizon hired us to get their rankings up. As usual, we got them into top rankings for people searching for alternative education. Nothing too crazy, right? But then the pandemic hits. And everything changed. Suddenly, parents needed alternative education options in a changing landscape, and searches for “charter school” or “home school” and similar terms exploded. And our strong SEO process gave our clients a decisive advantage relative to their competitors, as searches, and then leads, came pouring in.

You can imagine what happened when COVID hit. Suddenly, parents needed alternative education in a new world. Our strong SEO process meant their competitors had to sit behind as people did Google searches for “charter school” or home school.


#1 Google Rankings for Our Customers.

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